About Us

IM AWARE is an advisory  council for The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine (“the Osher Center”). The Council’s vision is to help Integrative Medicine become everyone’s everyday medicine and to raise awareness, provide guidance, and contribute funds in support of the Osher Center.

Meet the Council Members! Touch a picture for information.

Lori Lyman

  • Council Chairperson
  • President, The Lyman Group, Landscape Architectural services
  • Recognizes that healthy and inspiring indoor and outdoor environments contribute to integrative medicines goal of achieving optimal well being for both mind and body

Leah Bostrom

  • Certified health coach and group fitness instructor
  • Founder of Chia Leah health coaching & nutrition education in Wilmette
  • Leah learned firsthand how adding in more healthy choices can transform one's life. She is passionate about educating others about resources for holistic wellness.

Fabrice Braunrot

  • Vice Chairman of Private Banking, J.P. Morgan
  • Strongly believes that Integrative Medicine has much to add in our search for health and wellness

Tara DeMarco

  • Wellness consultant for individuals and businesses seeking integrative health and wellness expertise
  • Formerly worked as Clinical Operations Director at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UC San Francisco
  • Passionate about IM's multidisciplinary, whole person approach to health promotion, disease management, and prevention

Laura Flynn

  • Principal, LCF Consulting, LLC;  independent clinical research consultant and medical writer
  • Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor; happily practicing and educating people interested in living a mindful journey toward overall better health

Paul Heiselmann

  1. National Managing Partner at BDO USA LLP
  2. Practicing yogi for decades
  3. Emphasizes that integrative wellness includes not just mind, body and spirit, but also financial health

Avanti Kumar-Singh

  • Author whose works have been featured in the Huffington Post
  • Formerly a physician, she is currently a member of Upwave.com’s review board

Karen Malkin

  • Integrative Health and Lifestyle Practitioner
  • Board certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Eating Psychology Teacher

Diane Meagher

  • Founder of the event management company, Diane Meagher Events, Inc.
  • Board member, Laurie Children’s Hospital

Brennan Murray

  • Principal at Cressey & Co, a healthcare focused private equity firm
  • Is passionate about maintaining optimal health and wellness and believes that Integrated Medicine is a critical component to achieve this state of being.

Molly O’Neil

  • Certified integrative health and nutrition coach
  • Founder of mPowering Health in Lake Forest
  • Passionate about teaching adults and children the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and an integrative approach to medicine

Elizabeth Pruett

  • Believes that by addressing one’s whole health one can lead a healthier lived life

Brett Rentmeester

  • Founder, WindRock Wealth Management
  • Believes Integrative Medicine can fundamentally change healthcare towards disease prevention from disease treatment

Vicki Ryan

  • Owner/Founder Viki Ryan Wellness Coaching-CHWC,CPT,FAS,CSFS,CYL,RYT
  • I advocate a whole-being approach to healthy living and positive aging and believe the future of efficient healthcare and wellness is through of our Integrative Medicine model.

Kanwar Singh

  • Co-head, UBS Chicago Wealth Management

Aaron Underwood

  • Software author, President of Underwood Innovations
  • Credits Integrative Medicine for keeping his Diabetes in check

Molly Vaile

  1. Head of Midwest Region Events Team, Vice President at J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  2. Passionate that medicine should revolve around the whole body

Tracy Ward

  • Managing Principal, TCS Group, a family investment office
  • Believes IM's whole person approach empowers patients and results in better health outcomes

Meredith Wood-Prince

  • Editor, Chicago Scout Guide

Commentary From Our Council Leader Lori Lyman

On February 12th, 2019 the Council hosted a meet and greet event for new and prospective council members. The following is excerpted from Lori’s summary of the evening:

This evening we heard about the critical role of Philanthropy from Nancy Heap, the important work of the Osher Center from Dr. Melinda Ring, and how education and research are brought to the bedside from Pediatrician Dr. Lori Walsh and Psychologist Dr. Bonnie Essner.

All of this outstanding work begins with an awareness, an awareness of the need for innovative, high quality healthcare and the desire to share this message. Thus the title of our council, IMAware, which stands for Integrative Medicine: Advising With Awareness, Resources, and Education. Through understanding and engaging in the Resources available at the Osher Clinic our Council members become messengers on the benefits of integrative healthcare. We gain education through both Osher professionals and our own members who share their knowledge and experience at our quarterly meetings. With such resources we acquire a deeper awareness and appreciation of the importance of Integrative medicine in society today.

At recent council meetings we have learned about the concept of Mechanical sympathy presented by Council member Fabrice and Dr. Ring updated us on one of today’s most newsworthy topics-CBD oils and Cannabis research. Through Dr. Ring we learned how our bodies have more cannabinoid receptors than opiate receptors. Thus, suggesting there is tremendous potential in cannabis research. This is a welcome piece of news given the opiate crisis we face today.

At council meetings we often talk about the need to have innovative practices become everyone’s every day medicine. The CBD study is a good example of how the benefits of research can extend well beyond just those patients that will walk through the doors at Northwestern Medicine. The support the Council provides, assures continued awareness of fact-based knowledge, top tier Research, Education and innovative healthcare.

Tonight, I sincerely thank our Council members for your time and commitment to support and extend awareness of Integrative Medicine, and invite those of you who are new to this group to join us on the IMAware Council. Thank you all for being a part of the gathering this evening.

Benefits of Joining IM AWARE

• Stay informed about the latest developments in Integrative Medicine and learn better ways to take care of yourself and your family
• Attend informative events with noted experts like Andrew Weil, MD
• Help extend the reach of Integrative Medicine into under-served communities
• Know that you’re helping fund vital research and educational opportunities for medical students and interns

Council Member Leadership Responsibilities

• Leverage personal connections, professional networks and resources to achieve the Osher Center’s mission
• Attend at least 75% of the 4 to 6 council meetings held each year
• Give or get $5,000 per fiscal year
• Members are appointed for a three-year term of service
• Members wishing to commit to a give or get of at least $10,000 per fiscal year, may be designated a Sustaining Member and will not be required to participate actively on council or committee work

Executive Council Members Responsibilities

• Lead one of the committee groups listed below
• Give or get at least $10,000 per fiscal year
• Provide leadership to overarching council

Council Committees

Committees are where much of the council’s work gets done, and council members (with the exception of Sustaining Members) are expected to be active participants in one or more of these groups. Committees may change from time to time as the council and Center evolve. Examples of Committees include:

Membership Committee
• Assess the skills needed on the council and recruit new council members or committee members who may eventually become council members. Follow up with candidates and Center leadership throughout the interview process.

Events Committee
• Take the lead in organizing outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee, speaker events or hosting fundraising parties
• Be responsible for involving all council members in fundraising, such as having council members make telephone calls to ask for support
• Monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective

Marketing/Website Committee
• Maintains Council’s mission, vision, website, brand and image

Clinical Growth Committee
• Assist the Center with challenges related to the rapidly increasing demand for Integrative Medicine by making recommendations for further programming and efficiencies

Corporate Sponsorship Committee
• Pursue and receive corporate sponsorships for the Osher Center and manage corporate relationships with external organizations

• Maintain the calendar of council meetings and events
• Send invitations and track attendance
• Manage the meeting agendas and minutes

Council Member Appointments

If you would like to join our Council, please click here to contact us and express your interest!